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A Swift Response to Red Rock Property Management's Blocks in South East London

Posh Cleaners has the infrastructure and the right team to operate quickly and positively in any situation. This case study is going to show you how we managed to wipe out another cleaning company’s negligence from an entire property in just three days.

Meet Red Rock Property Management

The thing we like most about our partners from Red Rock Property Management is that they treat every property in their portfolio like their own. They regularly do (monthly at least) visits at each of the sites that they manage, having developed a real obsession for chasing and resolving any property related issues that show up.

The Challenge

During a regular site visit in South Norwood, the Red Rock team noticed that the communal area wasn’t well maintained. Judging by the substandard pathways and entrance, they could tell that their previous cleaning service provider hadn’t attended as contracted.

In fact, the timesheet wasn’t signed as expected. No cleaning hadn’t been done correctly for almost a month! Red Rock contacted us for the first time on a Friday morning, asking for our help.

The Solution: Communal Area Deep Clean in Three Days

It’s our standard practice to attend every new site and provide personalised cleaning services as per site specification. So, we started with a visit to the site on Saturday. Our team evaluated the property’s needs and came up with a cleaning plan to bring back the beauty of the South Norwood site.

We reported back Monday morning with an intervention plan, a detailed cleaning schedule, and a quote. Once agreed on the things to be done, the next day, Posh Cleaners team carried out an extended deep clean of the whole area, including the communal area and the car park. As part of our agreement with Red Rock,  we also took care of the grounds, where we carried out gardening and de-weeding services.

Upon completion, we took relevant photographs to send to property managers as proof of our excellent services. At the end of the communal area cleaning, we signed a new timesheet and placed it on the notice board, like required.

We have since stated to maintain the blocks and grounds.

Final Thoughts

The residents at the property and the management from Red Rock were extremely pleased with our swift response. They’re happy with our services and continue to recommend our fast and excellent assistance.

“I highly recommend Posh Cleaners, very hard workers, high attention to detail and quick to respond to queries. Great rates also.” – Tia, Red Rock

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