Communal Area

Swift Response

Red Rock Property Management treat every property they manage like it’s their own, which is why their team contacted us at Posh Cleaners to help action the situation they had at hand.

The Problem

Red Rock will usually visit the properties they manage at least once a month. During a site visit in South Norwood, they realised that the contractor who had been engaged to clean the communal area did not attend as contracted since their previous visit, nor did he sign the timesheet as expected. Red Rock then contacted us for the first time on Friday to help them action the problem.

The Solution

As it is our practise to attend every new site and access as per site specification, we visited the site on Saturday and by Monday we reported back to the property management team with a quote.The next day we carried out an extended deep clean of the whole area, including the communal area, carpark and grounds, where we carried out gardening and de-weeding. Upon completion, photographs were taken and sent to the team at Red Rock. We finally signed a new timesheet and placed it on the notice board. We have since stated to maintain the blocks and grounds.


The residents at the property and the team at Red Rock were extremely pleased with our swift response. They were happy to recommend our fast and excellent services. Tia from Red Rock said: “I highly recommend Posh Cleaners, very hard workers, high attention to detail and quick to respond to queries. Great rates also.”