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“Impeccably clean.” These two words are on everyone’s lips when you ask about what should anyone expect when booking a hotel room or renting an apartment using Airbnb.

Our client at Airsorted know well the importance of a sparkling clean house when hosting. We were approached on a temporary contract basis to support them during one of their busiest period over the Chrismas holiday to deliver only impeccably clean rooms to all their customers, whether they stop for a night or more.

A Company Dedicated to Airbnb Properties

Airsorted makes hosting easy for owners who want to benefit more from their houses without all the hassle of renting. They manage the hosting for the owner, from listing the property online to managing guest communication and providing professional cleaning before and after  each guest.

Hotel Standard Cleaning with Fast Turnaround

The company’s portfolio includes over 1,500 properties that get listed on Airbnb. Places that need to be kept clean and ready to receive guests at all time. It can become a real challenge to keep the rhythm, especially during summer months and around the holiday season.

Airsorted needed excellent housekeeping and laundry services with no delays. They were looking for a team on temporay basis who is open to working even outside the regular hours during this period, to integrate into their system of key recovering, laundry collection, and property preparation.

A New Internal Process Tailored to the Company’s Needs

It was no secret for us that Airsorted needed a different approach to cleaning to keep the hotel standards required by the industry. That’s why our supervisors went through the company’s service delivery process and in just a few days, they developed an entirely new internal process tailored to their needs.

The efficiency of our system made Airsorted hire us before the ending of the agreed trial run, and we have since completed the tasks and were are looking forward to working with them in future busy periods

Now, Posh Cleaners has a fast-response system in place that allows  our cleaning teams to turn any property around with very short notice. Our cleaning company can support swift interventions for making a property ready to receive guests within hours from the moment of the cleaning request.

A Great Opportunity for Posh Cleaners

“Working in the hospitality field has changed the way we provide cleaning services. All our employees had been qualified for this job and worked hard to get their certifications. However, the discipline that we’ve learnt since working with Airsorted helps up to deliver excellent cleaning services faster for all our clients, and I can’t be more proud of how far we’ve come with this as a team.” – Abi Olajide, Director of Posh Cleaners

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