Why Cleaners Deserve Recognition

The moment you start appreciating the value of cleaning services is the moment when you’re surrounded by clutter and dirt. Luckily, filth rarely happens in offices, thanks to cleaning service providers and their cleaning team. For their efforts, cleaners deserve recognition and this is what this article is all about.
Cleaners make sure that public places and working environments are well-maintained, safe and clean. They help extend the life of buildings, equipment, furniture, and plants with regular interventions and proper cleaning.

As the a founder of one of the top cleaning company in London, I challenge you to stop for a moment and think about what would happen if the cleaning services ceased to exist. All of a sudden, your job description could include sweeping, mopping, emptying your trash, and cleaning your desk at the end of the day. How often would it be your turn to clean the bathroom? Or, could you become the lucky winner of the “keeping the refrigerator clean” badge?

The job of the cleaning lady (or man) is to make your office welcoming every day. She keeps germs from spreading and air from smelling bad. She removes the coffee stain you left on the table in the reunion room, vacuums the carpet where you ate your pretzel, and overall she covers your traces every time you leave the bathroom in a hurry because there’s an urgent call to take. I think she deserve an appreciation on this day of Employee Appreciation Day

She’s the first to arrive in the office so early in the morning that you’re probably still under the sheets enjoying your last five minutes of sleep when she’s cleaning your keyboard and desk. Or, maybe she’s there late at night when you’re having dinner with your partner or chill out with friends.

Often, she comes in the office on a Saturday afternoon for the deep cleaning that allows you to breathe fresh air and enjoy a perfectly steam-cleaned carpet.  

If your office is in a hospital or hotel, the cleaning lady becomes even busier and more important to your business. Yet, for some strange reason, janitors don’t get the appreciation they deserve for the hard work they put in every day.

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Celebrating Thank You Cleaner Day

Every person in my company has an outstanding story to share. Incredible people who fight for their dreams. These cleaners deserve recognition for their efforts.

Now it’s the moment when you’d say the cleaning lady gets paid for her job. But so  do we all. Every time you complain about how your boss doesn’t appreciate your effort, take a moment to think about the janitors and building cleaners.

They’ve been the invisible workforce for most of their lives. Everybody in the office has seen the cleaning staff at least once, some may even know them by name, but how many of you believe their work is truly important?

In 2015, New Zealand initiated the Thank You Cleaner Day, an action that that i have now  added to my calendar. This year, on the 16th of October, I will celebrate all the cleaners in my company and I invite you to do the same. A small gesture that shows your recognition for the hard work cleaners do every day.

Cleaners Deserve Recognition

Every cleaner that enters your office contributes somehow to the society and economy. Most of them have bills  or children studies to pay.

I follow Mrs. Hinch and her cleaning tips, and I love the way she changes the public perspective on cleaning.

You too can change the way  the cleaners are treated in your office. Starting with a smile and thank you on the Thank You Cleaner Day or when you come across them can make their day.

Janitors and public cleaners make life in the offices and public places more pleasant. They deserve recognition and I hope you will agreee with me.

Wont you? 

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