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Residential Communal Area

Cleaning Services

We at Posh Cleaners believe that without cleaning modern day living will not be the same and we hope you will agree with us...

Bulk Items Removal

Removal Services

Residents leaving bulk items in communal area or bin men not collecting bins due to bins overflowing? We will remove all bulky items in common area and pick litters around the estate...

Ground Maintenance

Ground Maintenance

Whether in warm or cold months, maintaining the grounds of your premises can be challenging. Posh Cleaners takes care of this.From regular sweeping/blowing of fallen leaves, to supply and gritting of grounds during winter months...

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Here, at Posh Cleaners we hope you agree that cleaning is one of the essential parts of modern day living.We believe that without cleaning services, present-day living would never be the same.

Our core mission is putting you in the driver’s seat and providing your needs and desires when delivering your cleaning services.

Are you tired of complaints from leaseholders,service users and co-workers about your use of cleaning services?


Then it may be time to seek a cleaning company that takes the time and care to do things properly and right.It will give you one less thing for you to worry about?

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Why Choose Us?

Quality Service Guaranteed

Our service is personalised and tailored to the need of your portfolio or property no matter the size

Health and Safety

We adhere strictly to the Health and Safety Act and have our own in-house health and safety rules to protect residents, staff and the general public.

Excellent Communication

We are always connected to your properties, and always available either face to face, on the phone, via email, text, and social media round the clock

Any Job

We are expert in various types of cleaning services and our range of services can be adapted to any settings with superb results.

Our Experience

We continually invest in both training of staff and equipment to ensure we are always operating in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner

Our Price Strategy

We offer value for money, bringing competitive quotes and pricing to the tendering process. We help our clients save money, both short and long term .

What Our Clients Say:

I have worked with a number of cleaning companies in the past but now that Posh Cleaners have set a high standard, I will only use them. They are extremely flexible and competitive with their prices. I would recommend them to anyone
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Rapport Property
We have been using Posh Cleaners since the start of 2016 and we have been extremely happy with the services they provide. All cleans have been carried out to very high standard and we would happily recommend them to any future clients.
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